Active Duty Coffee supports nonprofit organisations in service for those who serve(d)

Active Duty Coffee wants to be more than just coffee. We want to make a difference by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to military, police and emergency services. By doing so, we hope to give something back to the family we are a part of.

So whether you want to support these people or are in need yourself, check them and follow the links below.

Kaki Lion Belgium ASBL

Their mission:

"In the service of those who defend us"

"The association is run by ex-active military personnel (retired or returned to civilian life) and by active military personnel. As you will see, their aim is not only to raise funds for wounded soldiers or their families in the most serious cases, but also to provide them with psychological support if they feel the need, Or to listen to them, whatever problem they have."



Their mission:


"This project was born from the idea that there are a lot of people within the emergency services, defense, etc ... who hold themselves strongly against each other. It is also noticed that aid workers sometimes find it difficult to have a chat with a colleague. Or they themselves do not know how and where they can go for help if they are not doing well psychologically or mentally.

MOAT vzw. would like to break this taboo. And what better way to do that than to give a strong signal with a group of racers: "talking helps, there is no shame in it".

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